Paw 3.0.8 macOS 10.10+ Aug. 23, 2016

Paw Cloud Fixes

  • Fixes major bug when using some cloud projects causing high CPU utilization (and possibly network) and preventing project syncing
  • Fixes bug that caused some projects to not be opened showing error "name is a required value"


  • Fixes the Mac App Store license migration flow
  • Fixes URL encoding of the @ character
  • Fixes refresh of requests list when in ordering by host, method or status code
  • Fixes cursor jumping when editing the request description field
  • Fixes display glitches in completion popover, history menu and SSL Client Certificate field
  • Fixes UI layout in the extensions preferences when empty

Extensions API

  • Adds a context.document object to access some infos about the document (name, uuid, isCloudProject, cloudProjectId)
  • Fixes requests ordering when exporting all projects

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