Request Variables

Represent each field in your request with a Request Variable. It helps make clear the dynamic parts of a request configuration and show a human-readable description.

Inline variables

Convert your existing Headers, URL Params or Body Params into Request Variables. The interface makes it seamless to describe those parameters.


Each Request Variable can have a type and constraints (string length, regexp, possible values for an enum, default value, or min and max for numbers). More advanced constraints can be set using JSON Schema.

Import & Export

RapidAPI for Mac is fully compatible with Open API (aka. Swagger) and RAML definition formats, all field descriptions, types, constraints and/or JSON Schema will be preserved.

Overview of your request

Select a request and get an idea of what it does in a snap. The new Description tab shows a combination of the request description and all request variables with their comments, types, and default value. A valuable tool for team communication!

RapidAPI for Mac

The most advanced API tool for Mac

Requires macOS 10.15+