Sync Projects

Share your API projects in your team, invite people & everyone gets the updates.

Keep History

Easily create snapshots to easily rollback to previous versions of your RapidAPI for Mac project.

Team Management

Keep your API projects safe, control who has access to your team & have one RapidAPI for Mac license for everyone.

Keep projects synced

RapidAPI for Mac pushes your updates every minute to the cloud, and you can always see the current update status.


Manage different versions of your API, or let people in your team work on independent features at the same time.

Update with confidence

On RapidAPI for Teams, all updates are pushed to a personal staging branch, so you are free to experiment with your API with no risk of disturbing others. Once you’re ready, you can push your changes to your team. If others have pushed updates too, you’ll be able to review the updates.

Real-Time Updates

You keep the control of what gets pushed and where. But when a teammate pushes updates, RapidAPI for Mac will automatically pull the new changes or simply notify you (the behavior can be changed in the app’s Preferences).

Security & Encryption

When working with APIs in production, you’ll often keep secrets and credentials in your test projects. RapidAPI for Mac offers end-to-end encryption so no one but your team will get access to these sensitive data. Also, RapidAPI for Teams encrypts again all your data, and everything is stored in the highly secure Amazon Web Services public cloud.

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