Building great software is hard, and developer tools should be helping you without the headaches. RapidAPI for Mac is exclusively built on macOS, so you should easily get the hang of it. Every feature is built intuitively with quick mouse or keyboard shortcut access.

RapidAPI for Mac supports OAuth 1 & 2, Basic Auth, Digest Auth and Amazon S3

Get more authentication schemes via Extensions

RapidAPI for Mac generates ready-to-use client code. See Code Generation

Organize your requests and switch environments

Easily build your requests, with formatting and Dynamic Values

See request and response infos, headers, and body

View formatted or raw HTTP Requests and Responses

JSON outline viewer and editor

Request List

Organize requests and environments

Request Builder

Visually make your requests. Preview the HTTP message, and generated client code

HTTP Exchange

Inspect server response, along with the data you have sent

Dynamic Values

That's what makes RapidAPI for Mac so unique! Access data from previous responses such as auth tokens, compute hashes, signatures, randomize data for testing, do some maths, or anything you want.


Authenticate against standard schemas including OAuth 1 and 2, Basic Auth, Digest Auth, Hawk, AWS Signature Version 4 and Amazon S3. Have an exotic auth protocol? Configure custom auth signatures visually via RapidAPI for Mac’s dynamic values.


Set independent environments to quickly switch servers, user accounts, client credentials or anything that can vary.


Add new features to RapidAPI for Mac through easy-to-build JavaScript-based extensions. Whether you want to have generated client code for your favorite yet exotic language or you want to compute custom authentication schemes on the fly, extensions give a way to make this happen.

Search existing Extensions or make your own.

The most robust HTTP client


RapidAPI for Mac has its own HTTP library: what you send is byte-for-byte what the server gets. Of course, all headers are supported. See the IP address of the server you connect to, perform DNS spoofing, and more. You can optionally use OS X standard libraries instead.


Using Grand Central Dispatch for efficient multithreaded processing, RapidAPI for Mac takes advantage of your Mac’s multiple cores to run compute intensive tasks while leaving the UI smooth.


Built on top of the latest Apple technologies, exclusively for macOS, RapidAPI for Mac integrates perfectly in your existing workflow. The app is entirely sandboxed to keep you safe.

Features to help you everyday

Code Generators

Build your HTTP requests with RapidAPI for Mac, try them out, and just copy/paste code in your text editor. We support most popular languages, and you can build your custom code generator via Extensions.

cURL · HTTPie · Swift Alamofire, NSURLSession · Objective-C AFNetworking, NSURLSession · Python Requests · JavaScript jQuery, Node, SuperAgent · Ruby · PHP cURL, Guzzle · Java · Go


RapidAPI for Mac knows about your mistakes and warns you when something looks wrong. It makes you avoid common mistakes such as sending a body in a GET request.

API definitions

Working with a well-defined API? We’ve got you covered. RapidAPI for Mac knows how to import and generate Swagger, RAML, API Blueprint. It also import requests from HTTP Archives (HAR) and WADL definitions. See API description with RapidAPI for Mac

Migrate easily

Migrate your API calls seamlessly from cURL, Postman or Advanced Rest Client, and be up and running with RapidAPI for Mac within minutes. RapidAPI for Mac can also export documents back to Postman and generate cURL requests.

Text Completion

RapidAPI for Mac has a rich database of HTTP headers, and also learns from your text entries. It also suggests dynamic values such as authentication schemes and environment variables.


Whatever you send or receive RapidAPI for Mac will find the best way to display it. It supports web pages, images, PDFs, and has full syntax highlighting for most languages.

Cookies & Sessions

RapidAPI for Mac has an advanced support for cookies. You can visualize the cookies stored, modify or insert some, ignore cookies for some requests. Easily import cookies from Google Chrome for quick debug. Useful when working with auth sessions.

SSL Client Certificates

Some HTTPS servers require the client to authenticate using a certificate. Import yours from a PKCS #12 or PEM file, or pick one from the macOS Keychain. Imported certificates and private keys are stored encrypted.

Hypermedia APIs

RapidAPI for Mac is ideal for browsing hypermedia APIs. Every link found in the responses (JSON fields, headers, etc.) allows you to send a similar request to the target endpoint or create a new one with this URL. Use the built-in history to go back and view find requests.

Pawprint Sharing

You can easily share the request/response pair you see in RapidAPI for Mac with others in a snap. Pawprint gives you a shortened URL to paste anywhere (regardless of whether others have RapidAPI for Mac).

RapidAPI for Mac

The most advanced API tool for Mac

Requires macOS 10.15+