Paw 2 macOS 10.7+ Oct. 30, 2013

Dynamic Values

  • Dynamic Values make your requests smarter, you can ask Paw to compute OAuth 1 or Amazon S3 signatures, generate a nonce for you, parse the JSON/XML response from another request to reuse a value from it, and much more dynamic possibilities.

New features

  • Code generation: it sounds like many users loved the copy/paste to cURL feature of Paw 1, so it's has been extended and now can generate native Objective-C (using either NSURLConnection or AFNetworking), Python, Ruby, jQuery with Ajax or PHP.
  • Warnings: Paw won't leave you alone in the wild, if you make something obviously wrong or strange, it will warn you and often suggest some way to fix the issue (for example, if you send a body in a GET request, it will suggest to change it to POST)
  • Environments: keep different variables, and make their value change depending on the environment you choose, for example you could have one for the Production and one per Test/Development server
  • Order and sort requests: create groups to make requests together if it makes sense, or trust Paw and automatically group requests by Host, Response Status Code or HTTP Verb/Method - you can also sort requests by name, URL, etc.

User Interface

  • One more thing, did you notice the design changed a little bit?

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