Paw 2.0.4 macOS 10.7+ Jan. 15, 2014


  • Fixes major HTTP bug that made requests randomly stall
  • Adds ISO 8601 format for Date / Timestamp Dynamic Value
  • Adds a Response Body Length Dynamic Value
  • Fixes Text Input to allow non-roman characters... 안녕! !سلام 你好! こんにちは!
  • Fixes OAuth 1 Dynamic Value to only include 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' body parameters in the Signature Base String
  • Fixes a bug that inserted extra lines in Base 64 (e.g. in Basic Auth Dynamic Values)
  • Fixes crash that prevented to open the Preferences panel in later versions of Mountain Lion
  • Fixes a bug that prevented to work with Virtual Host-based SSL servers
  • Fixes the extra slashes bug in the URL field (it happened when a Dynamic Value was present in the URL)
  • ...and some other minor fixes

Download Paw 2.0.4