Paw 2.0.6 macOS 10.7+ May 8, 2014

User Interface

  • Paw now remembers exactly where you left each document: which Request was selected, which tab or Response Body Text, which groups were expanded in the Request List, whether you enabled “Arrange By” and “Order By”, if the Code Generation Inspector was expanded…
  • New JSON pretty-printer: now keeps the original order of dict keys, fixes the display bug for floats and long integers, and adds many formatting options in the Preferences
  • Adds an alert when changing the Request Body Type will be destructive
  • Improves the Preferences window
  • The Response Status Code and name of the request are now displayed in the system notification
  • Fixes bug that made Paw abnormally use CPU when idle
  • Fixes a UI bug in the Request Body view
  • Fixes crash on OS X 10.7 Lion when Deleting All Responses
  • Fixes crash when invalid characters such as double-quotes are in the URL host

HTTP Improvements

  • The HTTP Library “GCD AsyncSocket” now supports HTTP / HTTPS proxies and Paw can now override the system proxy settings
  • Content-Type header will be automatically sent (if no Content-Type header is set in the Request)
  • Automatically encoded with percent-escapes forbidden characters in URLs (like spaces), and also URL encodes the result of Dynamic Values when present in the URL / URL Params
  • Paw will ignore the request body for HTTP methods that don’t support it (GET, HEAD, DELETE…), there is an option to send it anyways
  • Content-Length header is now always sent for POST, PUT, PATCH, etc. even if the body is empty
  • Adds support for arbitrary HTTP verbs

Dynamic Values

  • Allows backslash escapes in path for Response Parsed Body Dynamic Value
  • Fixes Amazon S3 Signatures when having "Query String Argument of Interests” (URL Parameters that must be included in the String to Sign)

Code Generation

  • Fixed bug in cURL Code Generation when the Request Body contains new lines and tabs
  • Fixed bug in cURL Code Generation that didn’t escape quotes when present in the Headers
  • Fixed bug in Python Code Generation that misses trailing slashes in the URL

Lastly, a Crash Report mechanism was added: if Paw crashes, you’ll be prompted to send the crash report. This will make Paw even better in the future!

Download Paw 2.0.6