Paw 2.0.7 macOS 10.7+ May 14, 2014

New features

  • Adds support for paw:// URLs (documentation will come soon)
  • Disables sounds effects by default
  • Improves Duplicate requests to keep them in the same parent


  • Fixes a major bug in Form URL-Encoded Body that shows (null) for fields containing non-alphanumeric characters
  • Fixes another major bug that removes the selection after deleting a request which made the app inusable in some cases
  • Fixes the crash report mechanism to not reopen windows until the crash report window is shown, and prompt the user before reopening unsaved documents to prevent crashing again and again
  • Fixes a crash when a Header name finished by a backslash
  • Fixes many other crashes

Download Paw 2.0.7