Paw 2.1 macOS 10.9+ Nov. 14, 2014

User Interface

  • New Designed Inspired by OS X Yosemite


  • Paw is no longer an app with limited features, you can extend its capabilities through Extensions.
  • Dynamic Values: either you want to write a quick-and-dirty script to compute a custom hash, or build a ready-to-use Dynamic Value to fit your proprietary authentication scheme and share it with your users, it won't take you long to learn how to build custom Dynamic Values.
  • Code Generators: generate client code for any language or 3rd party file formats. We cover most popular languages as open source Extensions, feel free to contribute!
  • Importers: import 3rd party file formats into your Paw Collection. We already support import from Postman, and thanks to the Apiary team, API Blueprint is also ready.

User Interface

  • JSON Editor & Viewer: Seamlessly edit JSON requests or view JSON responses.

New features

  • Cookies: Cookies received from servers are persisted, and automatically sent back in the next requests. Use several Cookie Jars to keep multiple user sessions. Modify or delete cookies to tweak the requests, or completely disable cookie support.
  • Environment Domains: Environments are now organized in Environment Domains, so multiple Environments can be switched independently. Ideal to setup production or test servers, along with multiple users profiles.
  • HTTP Exchanges: Paw now saves the exact request you’ve sent along with the responses in the History. Each HTTP exchange can be viewed in details (request or response headers, body, or raw data) or as an overview in the new Info tab.

And many other details that make Paw even better

  • OAuth 2 Authentication.
  • Export or Open With your favorite editor the generated client code.
  • Performance improvements: Paw now processes code generation, warnings detection and other heavy operations in background threads to let you enjoy a smooth UI.
  • Horizontal Split View.
  • Send selected requests, or all requests in a group. And view their activity in the request list.
  • Requests errors (such as when a server is unreachable) are now persisted in the History and displayed in the HTTP exchange panel.
  • Enhanced requests or environment variables pickers, and allowed to select the “Current Request”
  • Hash Dynamic Value is now either uppercase or lowercase
  • See requests thumbnails when selecting a group or multiple requests.

Download Paw 2.1