Paw 2.2 macOS 10.9+ April 15, 2015

New features

  • Pawprint Sharing: Share captured requests & responses online via a permalink so you can show others how an API works or quickly report bugs. The current HTTP exchange (request + response) will be available via a short link (e.g. that you can share on Twitter, StackOverflow, via email or messages. Anyone will be able to re-open the same request locally in Paw (credentials are not shared).
  • Import APIs templates: Mashape is a directory of hundreds of free APIs ready to use. You can now search for APIs and import endpoints in your project.

User Interface

  • Environments can now be edited either in a pop over sheet or an independent panel, leaving more space and improving usability.
  • Document title is always displayed along with an handy menu to save, import and export
  • Adds search requests by name, url or method
  • Displays pixel size and type for images


  • Adds support for JSONP
  • Improves HTTP / HTTPS connection speed and request time calculation
  • Fixes crash when inserting some characters using various keyboards
  • Fixes bug that prevented the app from saving preferences under some circumstances
  • Fixes freeze when saving the document many times quickly
  • Fixes crash when inserting headers with newlines
  • Improves performance when displaying large requests or responses
  • Fixes other random crashes

Extensions API

  • Dynamically access and modify dynamic values from extensions

Download Paw 2.2