Paw 2.2.3 macOS 10.9+ Sept. 8, 2015


  • Minor improvements to the JSON view
  • Allows body in DELETE requests
  • Changes export and import keyboard shortcuts
  • Fixes user interface for OS X 10.11 El Capitan
  • Persists selected environments
  • Allows the use of custom URI schemes in OAuth 2 authentication
  • Fixes image preview
  • Fixes bug that made some dynamic values return the same value when used together
  • Fixes signature bug in OAuth 1
  • Fixes bug that allowed double items in the completion results
  • Fixes drag-and-drop of requests to keep their original order
  • Fixes insertion of some type of dynamic values in environments
  • Fixes migration of some legacy dynamic values

Extensions API

  • Changes require() function to behave like CommonJS modules
  • Adds loadScript() function to just load another JavaScript file (old require behavior)
  • Adds API to access all requests and groups
  • Adds access to request options (e.g. timeout, follow redirects)
  • Adds access to automatically added headers from the JavaScript API
  • Adds date and loading times to HTTPExchange objects
  • Adds a bundle object to access App, API and OS versions

Download Paw 2.2.3