Paw 2.2.7 macOS 10.9+ Dec. 22, 2015


  • Improves dynamic value and JavaScript evaluation performance
  • Improves console logging performance
  • Displays request and response size in Exchange Infos
  • Adds JSON editing in any field (JSON Dynamic Value)
  • Adds the ability to deauthorize a license
  • Other minor improvements


  • Fixes hangs due to excessive evaluation threads
  • Fixes possible app hang when submitting crash reports
  • Fixes manual DNS Spoofing on HTTPS/SSL
  • Changes Basic Auth default charset to utf-8
  • Other minor fixes and UI adjustments

Extensions API

  • Adds support for multiple arguments in console.log
  • Fixes possible crash when evaluating Dynamic Values
  • Fixes Dynamic Value creation
  • Fixes the setting of boolean properties in Dynamic Value

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