Paw 2.2.8 macOS 10.9+ Jan. 12, 2016

New features

  • Adds inline JSON editor to any text field
  • Adds key binding Option+Return or Option+Tab to insert an explicit newline or tab
  • Displays image responses with non-standard Content-Types
  • Displays PDF images


  • Improves performance when switching quickly between requests
  • Fixes a large memory leak due to a system bug

Dynamic values

  • Improves the Request Parsed Body Dynamic Value to allow dependencies inside JSON or Form URL-Encoded bodies
  • Adds a timezone option to the Timestamp Dynamic Value (fixing an inconsistency)


  • Fixes "Paw HTTP Library" when connecting to SSL hosts with a different Host header
  • Fixes "Paw HTTP Library" when receiving chunked responses (for the servers also sending a Content-Length header)
  • Fixes the broken Import button (Import from Text) on OS X 10.10
  • Fixes percent-encoding of the request URL
  • Fixes Multipart Content-Type on file upload when file is set through an environment variable
  • Fixes the pasting of multiline text
  • Fixes a bug that made some documents be moved to the ~/Library/ after a crash
  • Fixes the behavior of the "Create a New Document at Launch" preference
  • Fixes a bug that prevented new requests from being shown when request filtering is enabled
  • Fixes cookie expires date to be closer to today's date (set to 10 years)
  • Fixes a nasty crash – hurray!

Extensions API

  • Adds a JavaScript API to access JSON and Form URL-Encoded values with a given key path (getUrlEncodedBodyKey, getJsonBodyKeyPath)

Download Paw 2.2.8