What's New in Paw 2.3 Keep it secret, keep it safe

Paw 2.3 Keep it secret, keep it safe macOS 10.10+ Feb. 18, 2016


  • Introduces seamless high-security encryption of your passwords and credentials, read more about security & encryption
  • Adds integration with the OS X Keychain to let users access existing credentials

User Interface

  • A full visual makeover!
  • Adds a new request description field to let users document APIs in Paw
  • Adds syntax highlighting for all code snippets

New features

  • A new documentation
  • Adds support for all four OAuth 2 grant types
  • Adds OAuth 2 automatic token refresh
  • Adds support for SSL Client Certificates
  • Adds support for hypermedia APIs with easy link following
  • Adds an history list of HTTP exchanges
  • Adds path filtering for JSON responses
  • Supports OAuth 1 RSA-SHA1 signatures
  • Supports OAuth 1 'oauth_body_path'
  • Adds server's IP address in the Infos panel


  • Improves performance of text completion

Extensions API

  • Adds new dynamic value input types (checkbox, radio, select, secure field, JSON, key-value)


  • Fixes IPv4/IPv6 connectivity implementing the Happy Eyeballs Algorithm for HTTP networking
  • Fixes support for all 3xx redirection codes, using the right method
  • Fixes a URL encoding bug

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