Paw 2.3.2 macOS 10.10+ March 8, 2016

User Interface

  • Adds a preference to send request on return key press in the URL field
  • Adds "Show in Finder" menu item in File

Dynamic Values

  • Adds Request Method dynamic value
  • Adds Response Status Code dynamic value


  • Fixes bug in Paw HTTP Library that blocks connection to some hosts
  • Escapes dots when copy Response Parsed Body Dynamic Value
  • Sets OAuth 1 body_hash unchecked by default
  • Adds JSON and Form URL-Encoded content types to multipart parts when appropriate
  • Fixes an issue that corrupted binary body files when set through an environment variable
  • Fixes an issue that made SSL client certificates not being saved in some cases
  • Fixes crashes


  • Changes OAuth 2 auth and refresh tokens to be secure values

Download Paw 2.3.2