Paw 2.3.3 macOS 10.10+ April 2, 2016


  • Adds tons of new APIs in the "File > Insert API Template" search results (thanks to

User Interface

  • Improves import and export workflow, automatically determining the appropriate importer (we're currently being updating all extensions to adapt them to this new behavior)
  • Allows export of multiple requests at once
  • Adds "File > Import from URL"
  • Adds "Edit > Paste and Import"
  • Adds "Export" button when multiple requests selected
  • Imports files by drag-and-drop them into request list or Paw icon in the Dock
  • Imports URLs be dragging directly from Safari/Chrome address bar into Paw


  • Improves JSON and XML rendering performance


  • Fixes SSL connectivity issues on Paw HTTP Library
  • Fixes an issue when the app has too small space to fit in the screen when in Split View Horizontal mode
  • Fixes an issue preventing request from being sent when clicking the arrow button in the URL field
  • Fixes an issue where request list response status indicator shows green/200 instead of error
  • Fixes an issue when pasting PEM strings into secure textfields (affecting OAuth + RSA-SHA1)
  • Fixes an issue that could prevent secure textfields from receiving focus
  • If launching a second Paw instance, close it and focus existing instance instead
  • Fixes many potential crashes
  • Fixes other minor issues

Extensions API

  • Makes input fields available to all extensions (dynamic values, importers and generators)
  • Adds additional options for input fields
  • Adds JS API to create environment variable
  • Adds JS API to set request description

Download Paw 2.3.3