Paw 2.3.4 macOS 10.10+ May 13, 2016


  • Adds request timing in the Info tab (DNS resolution time, SSL handshake time, time to header, etc.)


  • Adds "charset=utf-8" by default for text bodies
  • Allows empty HTTP header values
  • Fixes HTTP redirections with relative URLs leading to redirect loops
  • Adds a "Get Debug Info" menu item to help us with debugging issues
  • Fixes display of alert & file picker sheets from a popover
  • Fixes issue with OAuth 2 when server returns a null refresh token
  • Improves user flow by selecting the URL field by default
  • Fixes Export ⇧⌘E shortcut
  • Fixes a UI bug when using the horizontal split view mode
  • Fixes export HTTP code when containing passwords
  • Fixes issues with URL encoding
  • Fixes crashes & beachballs

Download Paw 2.3.4