What's New in Paw 3.0.12

Fixes compatibility issues with macOS Sierra, adds ability to save cloud project into local Paw files and fixes minor UI glitches.

Paw 3.0.12 Sept. 22, 2016

Interface improvements

  • Improves the license migration flow to Paw 3 (please migrate your legacy licenses to Paw 3 licenses, if not already done)
  • Improves the completion window, which was showing up too often in multiline fields
  • Other minor theme and interface fixes

Paw Cloud

  • Adds ability to save a cloud project to a local file (in File menu)


  • Fixes a major crash on macOS Sierra
  • Fixes tab bar in dark mode on macOS Sierra
  • Fixes exchange history menu when there are too many items
  • Fixes issues with JSON parsing
  • Fixes issues with importers & exporters on OS X Yosemite