What's New in Paw 3.0.7

Paw 3 introduces a stunning Dark Theme to its native macOS user interface with vibrant colors. Key features of the interface have been completely redesigned. And with Paw for Teams, you can now work altogether on your API projects.

Paw 3.0.7 macOS 10.10+ Aug. 11, 2016

Interface improvements

  • Allows reordering of Headers, URL Params & Body Form URL-Encoded
  • Improves Dark Theme colors & syntax highlighting
  • Improves layout of the request status bar


  • Fixes document migration for documents created during with beta versions of Paw 3
  • Fixes order of environments
  • Fixes text autocompletion in secure inputs
  • Fixes a rare issue with the window controls in full screen
  • Fixes issues in environments window when using a clipboard helper
  • Improves extensions updates reliability

Download Paw 3.0.7