What's New in Paw 3.1.10

Paw 3.1.10 macOS 10.12.2+ Nov. 28, 2019


  • Adds a Cookies tab to display cookies that have been sent (Request) or received (Response)


  • Fixes Paw Cloud syncing for SSL Client Certificates and the names of Cookie Sessions
  • Fixes "Request / JSON Text" tab (was displaying response data instead of request)
  • Fixes an issue with OAuth 2 Refresh Tokens
  • Fixes using untrusted SSL certificates in OAuth 2 requests (now follows the "Validate SSL Certificates" user preference)
  • Improves the UX of links being automatically opened in a Web View
  • Fixes some UI glitches on macOS Catalina

Extensions API

  • Fixes ordering of items returned by RequestGroup.getChildren()

Download Paw 3.1.10