Paw 3.1.2 macOS 10.10+ July 10, 2017


  • Disables automatic replacement of colon ":" character by a request variable on text paste
  • Fixes cookie storage
  • Fixes OAuth 2 Token Refresh when embedded in a variable
  • Fixes text selection in response headers table
  • Fixes "Send Request With Dependencies" with embedded references (environment or request variables)
  • Fixes bugs with the update process (will affect updates to future versions)
  • Fixes "This version of Paw is outdated" warning
  • Fixes crash on "Disable Encryption"
  • Fixes crash on macOS 10.13 High Sierra
  • Fixes many other crashes

Paw Cloud

  • Adds the ability to login and activate a license using your username/password pair in the Preferences

Download Paw 3.1.2