Paw 3.1.4 macOS 10.10+ Sept. 7, 2017


  • Fixes issues with editing URL Params
  • Trims newlines when pasting strings
  • Fixes automatic OAuth 2 token refresh under some circumstances
  • Updates to the latest TLS 1.2 cipher suite

Fixes from Paw 3.1.3

  • Fixes UI glitch that randomly shows duplicate rows when editing Headers or URL Params
  • Fixes Chinese, Japanese and Korean keyboard inputs in the Request Description text field
  • Fixes use of a LocalValue dynamic value inside a JSON body
  • Fixes issues with SSL Client Certificates and PEM key import
  • Improves the extensions list in Preferences > Extensions
  • Fixes paste of tabs and newline characters in fields to replace them with visible tokens
  • Fixes crashes

Download Paw 3.1.4