Paw 3.1.9 macOS 10.12.2+ Oct. 7, 2019


  • Adds compatibility with macOS Catalina
  • New filters for JSON: JSONPath (like XPath for JSON) and jq (like sed for JSON)
  • New UI for SSL Client Certificates
  • Adds the ability to copy images to clipboard


  • Improves the autocomplete behavior: dynamic values are only suggested when using { or [
  • Fixes undo/redo in JSON, Form URL-Encoded and Multipart body
  • Fixes issues with OAuth 2: invalid 'Accept' header, invalid Basic Auth
  • Fixes connectivity issues with IPv6 localhosts
  • Fixes Paw Cloud login issues
  • Fixes loading SSL Client Certificates from non-default Keychains
  • Fixes loop when a web page tries to open an external link
  • Obfuscates X-Auth-Token and other sensitive headers when sharing a Pawprint
  • Fixes User-Agent overriding with Apple URL Session library
  • Fixes issues with trailing spaces and newlines in headers
  • Persists the selected Cookie Session
  • App is now notarized by Apple for additional security
  • Fixes various bugs and crashes


  • Improves performance at app start

Extensions API

  • Adds JS APIs to access Paw Cloud user ID and username

Download Paw 3.1.9