Paw 3.2 macOS 10.13+ Oct. 13, 2020

Paw 3.2 — GraphQL & macOS Big Sur


Introducing an extensive support of GraphQL APIs in Paw. Browse GraphQL schema and documentation, automatically synchronize variables and use Paw's powerful dynamic values in both queries and variables.

Support for macOS Big Sur

A new icon to match the design language of macOS Big Sur and interface improvements.


  • OAuth 2 — Support for custom parameters (allowing the use of OpenID Connect APIs)
  • OAuth 1 — Add support for HMAC-SHA256 signatures
  • Support for Webp images (on macOS Big Sur only)


  • Fixes bug when sharing with Pawprint
  • Prevent WebView from loading default favicon.ico
  • Fixes bugs and crashes (most notably on macOS Big Sur)

Download Paw 3.2