What's New in RapidAPI for Mac 4.0.0

RapidAPI for Mac 4.0.0 macOS 10.15+ Nov. 15, 2022

Paw has been rebranded to RapidAPI for Mac. New name, new icon, but the same awesome API Client with some new features additions!

New features

Welcome screen updates

On the Welcome Screen, we’ve added the ability to search your project list as well as added create and open files buttons.

Switch between the RapidAPI and Legacy Paw taskbar icons

If you’re missing the original Paw fox icon in your Mac taskbar, you can switch back to it from the new RapidAPI icon. Head to the RapidAPI menu > Preferences > General and select the icon you’d like to use.

AWS Auth 4

Added support for AWS Auth 4 when making a request.

gRPC error console

After you’ve added your .proto files to send your gRPC requests, we’ve added an error console that shows errors and warnings in the UI if the file you’ve selected has an issue.

Sorting request and environment variables

Based on feedback from the developer community, we’ve added the ability to both sort environment variables as well as sort request variables in the description tab.

Confirm before sending requests

Under the Options tab, you can now select the option to receive a confirmation alert before you send your request.

GraphQL improvements

The GraphQL documentation state will be saved when switching between requests.


  • Fixed layout issues that were occurring while filtering response JSON using keypath

Download RapidAPI for Mac 4.0.0