What's New in RapidAPI for Mac 4.1.0

RapidAPI for Mac 4.1.0 macOS 10.15+ Dec. 21, 2022

New features

Quicklook for requests

When a group of requests is selected, from the group view you can now use the spacebar to view a quicklook of a request, similar to Quick Look in Finder.

Paw icon reverts back to RapidAPI icon in dock and legacy icons additions

If you switched your icon to the legacy fox icon, the icon reverts back to the new branding when the application is closed. In this update you can drag and drop your icon choice to the application icon so that it persists after closing the application.


Can't open cloud projects due to "An unexpected error happened during syncing: 404" error

Some users reported being unable to open existing projects and received the error message “An unexpected error happened during syncing: 404”.

GraphQL Variables don't update the request preview

There was an issue where GraphQL variables would not update after modifying them.

Syncing issue with request body

There was a syncing issue with requests not including refreshed parameters even after syncing to the cloud.

Request variables can’t be edited

There was an issue with request variables that were unable to be edited. When switching between the Body and Description tab, a new variable would be created instead.

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