What's New in RapidAPI for Mac 4.2.0

RapidAPI for Mac 4.2.0 macOS 11.0+ Latest May 4, 2023

Paw 4.2.0 — Testing


Run Local Tests

We’ve added the ability to create and run local tests inside the application. View the status of your tests or hide test results. Check out the tutorial video for more information on how to use this feature and be sure to provide the team with feedback so we know what you want from the app!

gRPC Streaming

We previously added the ability to test gRPC requests. In this build we’ve added new functionality and UI to cover client/server/bi-directional streaming.


  • Dragging and dropping a file from Finder to Upload under the Request Body > File area didn’t select the file.
  • Reordering variables in the Description tab would not stick until you went to another tab and came back to the Description tab.
  • Fixed issue where custom x-amz-* header values would be duplicated if AWS 4 Auth was selected
  • Fixed issue where %% characters were not escaped correctly

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