RapidAPI for Teams

Keep everyone in sync with RapidAPI for Teams. Create a team, invite your team and everyone gets seamlessly the updates. And because we know how important it is to keep your work safe, everyone can work on a separate branch and merge changes only when ready; it's almost as powerful as Git and as smooth as real-time sync.

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Dark Theme

That’s not just about flipping a few CSS. We’ve reworked every UI component in Paw, and some native Mac elements to bring a stunning Dark Theme to Paw 3.
By default, it adjusts the theme depending on your Mac’s main menu color, and works seamlessly with F.lux.

Paw 3 Dark Theme

Interface Improvements

Key parts of the interface have been redesigned, making Paw easier than ever to use. It brings a beautiful new Environment Editor, easy-to-use Auth tab for requests, and togglable URL params.

Paw 3 Interface Improvements
Paw 3 New Icon

New Icon

Paw 3 was a big move for us. It was about bridging the gap between a standalone tool and an optional team syncing service. And we wanted a new icon to follow the move. And an icon that represent our focus on detail, and the user-friendliness of the app.

Paw 3 New Icon

Free Upgrade

Migrate your Paw 2 license today. It’s free!
As Paw 3 is no longer available on the Mac App Store, simply download it below and follow the steps.

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