Paw 3.0.6 macOS 10.10+ Aug. 5, 2016


  • Fixes issues with focus being lost in some fields (when using OAuth 2)
  • Fixes OAuth 2 token auto-generate and auto-refresh
  • Fixes resize & reorder of environment columns
  • Fixes an issue that prevented some documents migrated before Paw 3.0.3 to fail to open
  • Fixes Paw document icon not being shown in the Finder
  • Adds the ability for non-admins to create project in Paw for Teams
  • Fixes issues when a cloud project has been deleted
  • Fixes a bug with the Request URL dynamic value not including the URL port
  • Fixes display issues in File dialogs
  • Adds "Show in Finder" in File menu for local documents
  • Fixes issues with the use of unicode characters in Headers and URL Params
  • Shows document path in File > Open Recent when there's ambiguity
  • Fixes a rare issue that ellipsed the environment names
  • Fixes various crashes


Read more about Security & Encryption in Paw

  • Fixes an issue that makes legacy encryption passphrases being rejected
  • Adds the ability to reset the encryption passphrase for local documents

Download Paw 3.0.6