Paw 3.1 macOS 10.10+ April 26, 2017

Describe your APIs – Add descriptions & constraints. Export to Swagger or RAML.

Request Variables

  • Introducing Request Variables making your requests parametrable. Variables can be described with type, constraint, schema and text attributes. This allows a wonderful integration with Swagger and RAML, with support for JSON SchemaLearn More
  • Adds Markdown support for request and variable descriptions

Paw for Teams & cloud sync

  • Adds Real-time sync for Paw for Teams and personal cloud projects
  • Boosts speed of Paw for Teams syncing
  • Fixes an issue with cloud sync for large objects


  • Adds a LocalValue storage to keep some data independent from your team mates
  • Adds ability to export HTTP exchanges as HAR (HTTP Archive)
  • Adds the ability to queue more requests in a batch
  • Makes project encryption optional
  • Adds macOS notification preferences


  • Overall performance boosts


  • Fixes OAuth 2 auto-refresh when using environment variables
  • Fixes SSL Client Certificates import bugs
  • Fixes many bugs and crashes

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