What's New in Paw 3.0.13

Fixes most recent crashes, drastically improved performance, and fixed remaining compatibility issues with macOS Sierra.

Paw 3.0.13 macOS 10.10+ Nov. 15, 2016

Paw 3 is a free upgrade for everyone! Here are a few steps for a smooth migration: Migrate from Paw 2 or Migrate from the Mac App Store

Interface improvements

  • Allows resizing of sessions/environments panel above the requests list
  • Adds side bar toggle toolbar button
  • Animates toggling of side bar and bottom pane
  • Other minor interface fixes


  • Massively improves the overall app performance (handling of large responses, syntax highlighting, JSON view, text rendering, text completions, URL field…)


  • Fixes most major crashes on macOS Sierra
  • Fixes issue preventing Paw from quiting
  • Fixes key-tabbing navigation in the Environment Editor
  • Fixes editing and visual glitches in the Environments Editor
  • Fixes editing issue after pasting query parameters
  • Fixes pasting text copied from some apps (e.g. Microsoft Word)
  • Fixes minor issues with the Paw HTTP Library
  • Fixes handling of key shortcuts while editing text
  • Fixes many dark theme issues (white scrollbars, unreadable text on sidebar, etc)

Extensions API

  • Adds an embedded build of the Drafter parser for API Blueprint

Download Paw 3.0.13