Paw 3.0.9 macOS 10.10+ Sept. 1, 2016

New features

  • Adds Swagger (OAI), RAML and Postman exporters

Interface improvements

  • Adds ability to have URL parameters without value (without the = sign)
  • Adds a raw editing mode for URL params (query string)
  • Updates JSON editor icons
  • Adds option to edit a one environment at a time, using the full-width of the window (in contextual menu)
  • Adds search to response web view (⌘F)

Paw Cloud

Dynamic Values

  • Renames "Custom Dynamic Value" to "JS Script" and improve its default content

Extensions API

  • Fixes an issue with checkbox inputs in importers/generators always returning false


  • Fixes a bug that shows the "Welcome to Paw 3" window too often, if you had this bug you should Migrate your license (fixed in Paw 3.0.8)
  • Fixes an issue where "Request > Authorization" menu items were always disabled
  • Fixes an issue making Paw appear to open files of any extension type in the Finder
  • Fixes other minor issues

Download Paw 3.0.9